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  1. Nancy Scherl says:

    These are phenomenal, Stan! The full process is so intriguing and the resulting images are astounding.

  2. John Thomas says:

    Stan, My wife and I were in your classes during the Fall Equinox weekend in Sept 2018. It was an amazing opportunity to learn night sky photography and them have access to the park at night with you as our photography guide. I know not all of us paid attention to your instructions, but you handled it so well and we learned so much. We came away with some once-in-a-lifetime photographs and memories. Thank You. John and Maria

  3. Michael Bernstein says:


    Thanks for sending the fantastic photos. Loved them all and especially the full moon May 7.

  4. Roger Williams says:

    Always good to see your work, Stan. Hope you and Ann are doing well.I know Brooklyn confinement is weighing on my daughter, but she has 4 boys at home!

  5. Julie Azuma says:

    Wonderful as always!!!

  6. Amy Maya says:

    What amazing photos of our night sky! The photos representing the concept of ‘airplane social distancing’ are very unique and very beautiful. Thank you, Stan!

  7. Chirag says:

    Came out great!

  8. Margaret O'Connor says:

    incredibly beautiful pictures.

  9. Rush Dudley says:

    Thanks for the beauty.

  10. David C. Balderston says:

    How lovely and fascinating! Especially the plane and satellite tracks, and then the moon so close up. When I saw the Pleiades,at first I thought it was the Big Dipper, which is about the extent of my heavenly knowledge.

  11. Richard Jackson says:

    Thank you Stan. I always enjoy your photographs.

  12. Kim Calder says:

    Gorgeous, uplifting and greatly appreciated images Stan.

    Thanks and be well!

  13. Dave Speed says:

    Any way for a mere mortal to get night access for astrophotography? We are planning a trip for January 2020. Sadly, my winter camping days have passed.

  14. Roger Williams says:

    Re: American vernacular. Stan, or anyone for that matter, if you ever get to “Charm City”, aka Baltimore, be sure to allow a few hours at the Visual Arts Museum on the harbor. An interesting take on the American vernacular, plus a good restaurant and a wild gift shop.

  15. […] quite a bit of plant life. The ‘a’a lava (stony and rough) was familiar to me from my trip to Haleakala in Maui where I learned the two major types of lava, ‘a ‘a and pahoehoe, use Hawaiian terms to describe […]

  16. David C. Balderston says:

    Your text is an excellent complement to the photos. I had read before that the kids drifted away from their families while in the camps –a shame, but understandable in the circumstances. All this is so important to be documented and made widely available.

  17. Susan Berg says:

    Thanks, Stan, for documenting these shameful events in US history….Unfortunately, we seem unable/unwilling to learn from our past. Nevertheless, your dedication to memorializing these sites is sooo admirable.

  18. David Balderston says:

    I always enjoy seeing the Big Dipper, especially in its bright but blurred versions. The silversword plant is strange, and tragic. The spiderweb shows nature’s perfection. And the silhouette beginning Into the Crater, part 2, has a great gaping mouth reaching up to devour the sky! What a month you’ve had!

  19. David Balderston says:

    The photo of 6:38 p.m. is so beautiful! Four different layers of color, plus the lone disc of the moon peeking up pink. You night owls get to see such special things. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us non-owls.

  20. Lisa says:

    We’re coming up for stargazing on Tuesday evening March 26. Hope to see you there?!

    • nummy says:

      Aloha Lisa, sorry, I’ll be in the Kipahulu section of the park that evening. Back to the summit area on Mar. 27 if you are still around. Thanks, Stan

  21. Phil says:

    Very nice Stan. The quite is something I’d like to experience with that incredible night sky.

  22. Melissa Wise says:

    Describing the cabin as rustic is an understatement! However, from the photographs it seems the view is certainly worth your travel. I have been to the summit and I have to say you have an eye to choose your subjects and to show us the environment with your professional expertise. I am enjoying the trip with you!

  23. David Balderston says:

    The sun halo is awesome; it seems more like a bright moon, and so huge, covering the sky. What a rare treat you have given us!

  24. David Balderston says:

    In one Shippenburg photo, off to your right is a bold B&W photo of a burst of something, with jagged points as in an explosion. What is that? It’s a terrific photo!

  25. jon says:

    Nice to see the green salad substituted for macaroni

  26. Roger Williams says:

    Stan, if you have time, visit the folks at Maui Bees. Nice people, fresh veggies and Maui honey. I brought them some of our honey last year.

  27. Susan Berg says:

    I agree….ALWAYS listen to Ann!

  28. David Balderston says:

    I loved reading Ann’s reactions, as well as just seeing what is so rare for humans to see in the sky above us, stretching out and out. Hawaii’s live lava must present a great new challenge!

  29. Susan says:

    Spectacular! Dramatic! Awesome! Beautiful!

  30. Ken Spencer says:

    Stan: Oh man! That shot of the Zodiacal light over Maui is just stunning! That is unbelievably bright. I thought I had seen it all at John’s place in Magdalena! I am jealous!

  31. Jon says:

    Stan, you’re my hero. Have fun. There’s a song about Haleakala that I really like.

  32. Larry Pyatt says:

    That was my Uncle Boo.All of his sister Shirley’s family,all called him that . He was a great man, with an awesome sense of humor. He is truely missed by myself. Always chewing on his cigar. As he would tell stories. Always with his unforgettable laugh.
    Thank you for the post.

  33. David C. Balderston says:

    How perfectly lovely! We know that they are out there – the geysers, the Big Dipper, the Milky Way- but you make them real and vivid and provide a moment of awe, which we all need. Thank you for your vision.

  34. Santiago (Sa Ji Tario) says:

    In technical excellence
    in the artistic very beautiful

  35. Nancy A says:

    Now I feel like I really saw it!

  36. Nancy A. says:

    Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing.

  37. Abuko D. Estrada says:

    Stan – Thanks for the information. How easy was it to access the ruins (particularly the Great Kiva) during the evening? Did you need a special permit or tour or were you able to freely walk and photograph on your own?

    • nummy says:

      Abuko, I was the artist-in-residence at Chaco so I had special permission to access the great houses at night. The loop road is closed from sunset to sunrise. I will also email you.
      Thanks, Stan

  38. […] shadow as it set in the early morning light. To see previous images of the moon over New York, see New York Moon on the New Work […]

  39. there was a beautiful picture at a twilight sundown that reminds me of a Mr. Tommy Lee Jones movie; I even feel a male person is the photographer: a little rough around the edges. THank you.

  40. richard says:

    Stan, how are you brother?

    Great pics, as usual.

  41. Dave Kiefer says:

    Fantastic shots Stan. I was rained out in St. Joseph, MO except for the final moments when I saw diamond ring. Now looking at your photos I realize I actually saw 1 or 2 seconds of Bailey’s Beads.

    I hope you don’t mind if I put about 6 of these as a “Special Report” within the topic of the moon and eclipses in my AAA Astronomy 101 class. Full credit and explanation of your work, of course, and only for classroom viewing not as a download to students.

  42. Kerry says:

    Totally cool!!! Fabulous pictures!

  43. Carolyn says:

    Would much prefer to see her astride the dinosaur. You guys are, after all, in Laramie, WY.

  44. Kim Calder says:

    Greetings from the Airport in Frankfurt– where your gorgeous photos and commentary are entertaining me through my layover back to the States. Congrats and enjoy!

  45. Beautiful shots, Stan, and what an experience you had. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing a look at that amazing phenomenon! (This comment erroneously placed under the campground blog post!)

  46. Beautiful shots, Stan, and what an experience you had. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing a look at that amazing phenomenon!

  47. I envy you, Stan, set to see the total eclipse! I experienced one at Virginia Beach, Virginia in the ’70s and will never forget it. Your advice about using your own eyes is excellent … and don’t forget to look away from the sky as other lighting effects will be in play! Good luck with the weather and thanks for sharing. By the way… excellent souvenirs!!

  48. Earl Ivan White says:

    This spring I was at Chaco and left a copy of the poster that I made made of the crab Nebula and the great nebula pictograph with the understanding that I would give the copyright to the NPS. I told Cornucopia that. Please let me know if the Park is still interested.

  49. C. Marcus says:

    These photos are magnificent! I felt a sense of awe, almost spiritual in nature.
    Thank you.

  50. David C. Balderston says:

    I’m not religiously affiliated these days, but the phrase occurred to me: “What hath God wrought!”

  51. David C. Balderston says:

    I know how hard it is to get features on the moon to show up, along with details of buildings which are much darker. Bravo!

  52. David C. Balderston says:

    Stunning!! The large rocks and their shadows make such a prehistoric impression–older than Stonehenge, with the same very old stars, just in different configurations. As a therapist, I have studied lists of human emotions, and mostly they omit one that your photos evoke: AWE. Thanks so much–

  53. arlene bernstein says:

    magnificent and inspiring, stan…

  54. Marcus Sessel says:

    Stan…fantastic as usual.


  55. Kerry says:

    Gorgeous photos!!! otherworldly!

  56. William Murmann says:

    Great photos as usual, Stan. Thanks for sharing!

    Cuyahoga Astronomical Association

  57. Rachel Watanabe-Batton says:

    Beautiful and inspiring work. I love the ethereal moon cityscapes!

  58. Rori Baldari says:

    Hi Stan. The photo South Window @Arches National Monument is stunning. I’ve been to Arches, it’s really beautiful. Will this photo be available for sale at any point?

  59. Anne says:

    Wonderful photos!
    And on August 21, 2017, there will
    be a much more accessible total
    eclipse, with the path running right
    across the center of the US. Not to
    be missed!

  60. Kerry says:

    These images are truly awesome and awe inspiring!!

  61. Susan says:

    Amazing photos…..Thrilling, really!

  62. Lance says:

    Stan, Honored to be among your latest gallery of images. ‘Mars in South Window’ superb. Grateful for your skills helping people see what they are missing. Feedback – pro or con – welcome re: Star Party. Safe travels.

  63. An excursion. How exciting!

  64. Hello Stan,
    I enjoy viewing your photos for their creativity. Each one is unique.

  65. Richard says:

    Stan, as always, great photos. However, some appear to be blurry, out of focus. I imagine you could not have prevented this, or you would have. Is there a story you wish to tell?

  66. George says:

    I am intent on getting the Milky Way over Pueblo Bonito. I see the campground is closed after sunset. Is there a way ? I am a past member of the Society for Historical Archaeology and a fellow in the explorers club so not wanting to disturb ruins and wary of wildlife and night time in interesting geography.

    Reaching out off the grid before I do the formal PITA thing

    • nummy says:

      George, the campground is open all the time. The loop road to the great houses is closed at sunset. You could ask the park if they do any after hours photo trips into the park.

  67. Larry says:

    Thank you for sharing these amazing photos of Chaco’s dark night skies.

  68. Richard says:

    Stan, I was looking at the pics once again, and I noticed the bright light in the middle of the picture. It looks like some sort of research station. Do they ever dim, or kill that light? If so, when?


  69. richard says:


    I trust you will get pics of the “tailess comet.”

    Thanks for bringing us the heavens

  70. All wonderful!
    Canopus going across the sky is fabulous!
    Always so much to learn!
    Thank you, Stan, for teaching us with these lovely photos!
    Bonnie Lane Webber

  71. Ted Sauppe says:

    I really liked all of your photos Stan. You have skillfully created great works of art by combining the heavens above and nature below together into your shots.

  72. Phil says:

    Amazing images as always Stan. Thank you for sharing them.

  73. Bob Sedler says:


    The photos are incredible. Thanks very much for sending them to us. Rozanne and I send our best to you and Anne and hope that all is well.

  74. arlene bernstein says:

    dear stan: these are even more fabulous than your usual fabulous! arlene

  75. Lance says:


    LOVELY. Hope either NPS or [authorized vendor] National Parks and Monuments Association will allow your cards to be sold at Chaco Visitors Center. Please let me know when they become available for purchase.

    = lkd =

  76. Judith Katz-Schwartz says:

    Lovely! Thrilling photos!

  77. Robert Sakai says:

    Stan: Meeting you at Chaco while we visited Clif & Jane was a highlight of our southwest road trip. We appreciate great photos, and are awed by your photos as well as your knowledge of astronomy as it relates to your photos.

  78. Hamid Fakhrai says:

    Beautiful images!! I live in Albuquerque and plan to be at Chaco on Saturday March 19th for the tutorial that Stan will be providing that night. Looking forward to the experience.

  79. Rowene Weems says:

    Looks like Heart Mountain!

  80. Ken Spencer says:

    Love the shot of you and Ann! She looks as if she belongs at the canyon as much as you do! I am loving the Smoky Canyon shot – that seems so unusual both with the smoke and the fact that it was shot late enough to show the stars.

  81. Ken Spencer says:

    That backhoe looks like the one that was in our back yard!

  82. Stan-
    I forgot to ask – the grouse doesn’t look blue – do you know why the “blue grouse” moniker? -Dean

  83. Stan-
    Just back from 2 days at the south rim – we were only 10 miles apart! I didn’t try the outta focus technique as there was always a breeze blowing, it seemed… You might point out the color differences are due to temperature differences. We were showing Albireo at the star party, and I innocently asked why the yellow/blue stars were different colors – 90% of folks’ guesses were wrong and quite entertaining! Anyway, continued great work, my initial images are on the blog. How much longer are you “in residence”???

  84. Ken Spencer says:

    This photograph is such a terrific example of the different colors of stars! I know that when looking with a telescope or binoculars, to defocus the image to see the colors better. But I never would have thought of shooting the stars of a constellation out of focus to see the colors. A brilliant idea! Thanks!

  85. Stan-
    I really love the pine needles shot, and your earlier ones of plants with stars out of focus. One thing you lose with in-focus stars is the subtle color differences between the cooler and hotter stars. They are so much more apparent when out of focus to some degree! -Dean

  86. Ken Spencer says:

    This photograph is STUNNING! Great idea to save it in black & white. It is GORGEOUS! Amazing how much cloud structure we don’t get to see in the East coast, because our skies are so hazy. Wow, is this nice!

  87. Matt Beaty says:

    Looks like a great start to your time at the canyon! Looking forward to following along for the next few weeks.

  88. Hi Stan- I love those “clouds” of the stellar kind! You should be getting astronomers for the star party starting tomorrow. We’re in Chicago, but hoping to be on the south rim after Melinda’s chemo on the 18th. Got to get her to the north rim one of these times… BTW, the greenish glow is natural airglow. Can often be seen visually (though not greenish color), mostly to the north nearing solstice for us from the south rim. Have a great time! -Dean

  89. Ken Spencer says:

    “Early Morning Sun on the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center” is the best photograph of that scene so far! Sure pays to keep doing back, doesn’t it? Now you can relax, because you have gotten it!

  90. Marie says:

    Read your blog posts in reverse order this morning.Wonderful photos and engaging text.Looking forward to the next installment.

  91. Marie says:

    Just now read through your posts in reverse order. Wonderful all. Continued success with this project.

  92. Meg Honda says:

    It’s great to read about all these wonderful people and to see the beautiful photos! Wish I could have seen a barrack being cut up with a hand saw. Looking forward to the book!

  93. Ken Spencer says:

    I am really loving the portraits! Just wonderful subjects, beautifully photographed! It is amazing to see all the great photographs you are getting.

  94. nummy says:

    Ken, Yes! They are all in various parts and condition, the houses sometimes use 2-3 portions in different configurations. So you aren’t always sure you’re looking at a barrack. Then the new homes here have the basic barrack shape, confusing things. But it’s been good work so far.

  95. Ken Spencer says:

    Looks as if you have hit the mother lode! Who could imagine that there are pieces of barracks all over the landscape! Keep up the great work, information overload or not!


  96. Daniel Silber says:


  97. Daniel Silber says:

    Showing your work to someone

  98. Richard says:

    I really like the big dipper. It comes through bright and shining in the bottom four pics, but not the last.

  99. Richard says:

    Can you get “brain burn” from such an event?

  100. Richard says:

    How do you say “awesome” in Norwegian!

  101. Richard says:

    Stan, great on you. Your captions are running off the page.

  102. Eileen Thornton Renda says:

    Great job. Sending your websites to a mutual friend who is interested in your Eclipse shot! 🙂

  103. Marc says:

    Hi Stan, this is magnificent.
    Do you know if there’s any composite pictures made on your trip by anyone – showing the inner as well as the outer corona?

  104. Eileen Thornton Renda says:

    The crowd shot is the PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE!

  105. Eileen Thornton Renda says:

    Fabulous! 🙂

  106. Deanna Littell says:

    Stan, these pics are so exciting! To think that you were right there for the total. We had a measly 85%. We had the appropriate glasses & could just manage to see it as it was quite cloudy at 10 A.M. at the Marché in Puyricard.(our little town-10 min.from Aix)
    Where can I get that T-shirt for our grandchildren?

    Best regards, Deanna & Gilles

  107. jo ann paganetti says:

    Beautiful photos of Norway and Australia.
    And envy your dog sled ride! Much, much better than the subway. J

  108. Phil says:

    These are amazing Stan. Looks like you got two great evennts out of this trip.

  109. Robert van Houten says:

    Great shots Stan. Thanks for sharing them.

  110. Phil says:

    Seriously, is that an ad for polar bear sushi?

  111. Lance Diskan says:

    Thanks for sharing these spectacular images – and your verbal descriptions of the overall environment. Makes one wonder about ‘celestial mechanics’ that we on Earth are so perfectly located to be able to witness such an awesome cosmic event. Another set of exceptional images to add yo your already-outstanding portfolio. Bravo !

  112. Arlene Garelick says:

    What a thrill it must have been to witness in person. I’m so grateful that you captured it so beautifully, and that Frank Gruber shared it with us mortals on Facebook. Thank you, Stan.

  113. These are awesome shots Stan. What an experience! How dedicated you are to travel for this event, how talented you are to catch it so perfectly, and how kind you are to share it with us mere mortals! Thank you.

  114. Frank Gruber says:

    Amazing, Stan, thanks for making the trip for the rest of us. F.

  115. wow! impressive, stan! i would have loved to see that but your photos are the next best thing.

  116. Joel Weisberg says:

    gorgeous! so glad you got to experience it!

  117. Amy says:

    Absolutely amazing. Fantastic photos!

  118. Phil says:

    Stan, Incredible images many thanks for sharing these.

  119. Margaret Honda says:

    Totally awesome! These are amazing photographs. I’ve never seen images like this of a total eclipse. So glad you were there!

  120. Ken Spencer says:

    Can’t wait to hear what you see of the aurora. On the first night you were there, there was that huge solar storm, and Dean was saying that he was envious of what you would see. Kathy caught a glimpse of the aurora to the north, here in Sea Cliff! I missed it!

  121. Kerry says:

    Wow, Stan! The trip sounds amazing! The pictures are great! Watch out for polar bears and have a wonderful time!


  122. Marie Bozzetti-Engstrom says:

    What an adventure! It is a treat to follow along via your posts as you explore Svalbard.

  123. Richard says:

    You Stan, great pic!

    I especially like the boat in the background. Nice.

  124. William Murmann says:

    Yes, the first image from the plane looked like there were craters. Sounds like a great trip!

  125. Phil says:

    That first image is very non terrestrial looking

  126. Phil says:

    Nice Stan, You must be tired though.

  127. Michaael Bernstein says:

    Dear Stan,

    Thanks so much for sending your spectacular work (or is it play?).

    Love to you and Ann


  128. Richard says:

    I love your photos. The one taken from Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park (I saw via a Yahoo! portal) and looking up through the trees at the Milky Way is especially impressive.

    The best of luck to you, My Friend.

  129. Mike Peoples says:

    Love the Milky Way images and the background.