More scenes in the night sky above New York from April to early August, 2020. Most of the photos were taken in or nearby Central Park. A continuing reminder that the universe continues on its path, our moon in its monthly cycle and our solar system’s planets orbiting as usual. (Click on photos to enlarge)

I’d like to start with a short poem written by my friend Faissal Halim about the photo below taken at the reservoir in August:

Behold the tongs of ISS!

..the flaming arrows of Scorpius, as they sail through Antares.

Behold the Moon, a gigantic light — hot from retardation, as it lets Jupiter and Saturn pass by.

Behold the lights in the twilight — painting patterns in the sky, for all to delight.

The International Space Station flies over New York on Aug. 2 amid terrestrial and celestial objects. A composite of exposures totaling 25 minutes. See below for annotation.
Major objects, stars, planets and constellations.
Mysterious waxing gibbous moon through clouds, April 4.
A waxing gibbous moon in twilight, May 1.
A full moon sets behind a west side building on May 7.
The International Space Station and Crew Dragon pass over New York on May 30 after launch of the Dragon earlier in the day. See below for detail on the Crew Dragon capsule. This was NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day for June 5. A composite of 24 frames.
The faint trace of the Crew Dragon following the ISS about 18hrs before docking.
Moon and clouds, May 24.
Crescent setting, May 24.
A crescent Venus sets behind the west side, May 24.
Venus (top) and Mercury in the twilight, May 24.
Moon sets, the Reservoir, May 24.
A daytime photo! Solar observers rejoice as a sunspot is seen, first time in many months during a very quiet solar period, June 7.
Our moon, traveling through the firmament, June 24.
More crazy looping aircraft in the sky during a pass of the International Space Station (white dotted line from lower left to upper right), July 31. A composite of exposures totaling 4.66 minutes. @aaany_astrophotography members Faissal Halim, me, Maggie Machinsky and Maggie’s friend Gabby photographed the flyover.

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  1. Michael Bernstein says:


    Thanks for sending the fantastic photos. Loved them all and especially the full moon May 7.

  2. Roger Williams says:

    Always good to see your work, Stan. Hope you and Ann are doing well.I know Brooklyn confinement is weighing on my daughter, but she has 4 boys at home!

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