Scenes in the night sky above New York in 2020. Many of the photos are shot in Central Park, a moderate walk from my apartment. A nice reminder that the universe continues on its path, our moon in its monthly cycle and our solar system’s planets orbiting as usual. (Click on photo to enlarge)

“Airplane social distancing”. A comparison of two 45 minute exposures shot on January 22 and March 27 from the same location in Central Park. Planes from Kennedy Airport fly a tight corridor taking off from left to right on Jan. 22. Departures from the same airport widely spaced on March 27.
A portion of the sky cropped from the Jan. 22 image create an abstract composition. Star, plane and space station streaks through the NY sky.
A crescent moon appears to flow through the ether (a cloud) with Jupiter and Mars (above the moon) as the three rise in the early morning hours.
The moon, Jupiter, Mars and way to the left is Saturn rising above the east side.
The moon peeks out behind a building as it rises with Jupiter and Mars.
As twilight comes, the four objects continue their journey.
Annotation of the planets.
Last quarter moon on March 16.
First quarter moon on April 1.
Venus makes a close approach on April 1 to the Pleiades star cluster, something that happens once every 8 years.
Mars and Saturn were close in the pre-dawn sky on April 2.
Mars and Saturn on the left and Jupiter high up rise over east side buildings.
Annotated version.
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7 Responses to “NEW YORK SKY, 2020”

  1. Amy Maya says:

    What amazing photos of our night sky! The photos representing the concept of ‘airplane social distancing’ are very unique and very beautiful. Thank you, Stan!

  2. Chirag says:

    Came out great!

  3. Margaret O'Connor says:

    incredibly beautiful pictures.

  4. Rush Dudley says:

    Thanks for the beauty.

  5. David C. Balderston says:

    How lovely and fascinating! Especially the plane and satellite tracks, and then the moon so close up. When I saw the Pleiades,at first I thought it was the Big Dipper, which is about the extent of my heavenly knowledge.

  6. Richard Jackson says:

    Thank you Stan. I always enjoy your photographs.

  7. Kim Calder says:

    Gorgeous, uplifting and greatly appreciated images Stan.

    Thanks and be well!

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