Wyoming weather

May 16, 2015

Barracks and tree in meadow, Heart Mountain on the horizon.

Barracks and tree in meadow, Heart Mountain on the horizon. (Click on photos to enlarge)

Here’s another attempt to get the barracks with the tree in the best light. After waking before 6:00 am to catch the sunrise on the meadow, the front of the building was too dark. I returned about 10:00 and for a few minutes the light was nice on the barrack and dramatic on Heart Mountain. But maybe there are too many clouds in the shot. The light was either good on the barrack or good on the mountain, but rarely both. I’ll have to try again.

Cumulonimbus clouds forming east of Cody.

Cumulonimbus clouds forming east of Cody.

Wyoming weather is often quite dramatic and never boring. While waiting for the perfect light, I looked to the east and saw these spectacular clouds, which I wish were over Heart Mountain. In black and white the drama was enhanced, there are endless shapes and tones in the clouds.

Barbed wire shadow.

Barbed wire shadow.

So what do photographers do when they are bored? They take photos of anything in front of them. The barbed wire from the fence in front of me made a nice shadow on the wood post. I used at 50mm lens with a wide aperture that produced a very shallow depth of field. So your attention goes right to the shadow, but elements of background are still visible.

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