Tuesday’s activities

October 18, 2011

Tuesday morning we strolled along the lodges on the rim and saw a nice art exhibit of paintings at the Kolb Studio, part of the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art. We decided to take a short hike on the Bright Angel Trail, one of the oldest trails in the canyon. The over 9-mile trail goes to the canyon floor;  we were prepared to do about a mile each way due to my IT/knee problem and Ann’s past Achilles’ heel problem. Going down wasn’t bad, coming up is like climbing endless stairs. We made it up in time to look through the historic Bright Angel Lodge before having lunch at our Verkamp’s apartment. We hardly notice living above the Verkamp’s bookstore, though you can hear voices through the creaky wooden floors. And they seem to play the soundtrack to the Ken Burns’ National Parks documentary on a continuous basis, though that was interrupted today by a CD of cowboy songs.


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