Touring Oslo

March 17, 2015

After oversleeping until 9:40am Oslo time, I joined Tony and Eileen on a trip into Oslo. First I picked up the Travel Quest outfitters packet of information and the eclipse t-shirt. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Eclipse t-shirt

Eclipse t-shirt

We took the very efficient NSB train from the Oslo airport to the center of the city and walked to the National Gallery. There is a whole room of Edvard Munch paintings including his most well known.

"Skrik" (The Scream) in the Munch gallery at the National Gallery

“Skrik” (The Scream) in the Munch gallery at the National Gallery

Our friend Jason Kendall from the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York appears once a month on Al Roker’s morning Weather Channel show. He wants a photo of the three of us AAA members on our way to Svalbard for the eclipse. Apparently he will be on the show Wednesday early morning and wants to talk about the eclipse. So here we are by the Oslo waterfront. Tomorrow morning we fly to Svalbard. We found out today the daily schedule once we get there has been changed around depending on the activities you signed up for. I’ll have a 3 hour introduction to Longyearbyen (the town) followed by late night aurora viewing. Tony will do his ice caving trip tomorrow night and Eileen with do the dog sled ride also tomorrow night.

Me, Eileen Renda and Tony Hoffman at the Oslo waterfront

Me, Eileen Renda and Tony Hoffman at the Oslo waterfront

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3 Responses to “Touring Oslo”

  1. Eileen Thornton Renda says:

    Great job. Sending your websites to a mutual friend who is interested in your Eclipse shot! 🙂

  2. Deanna Littell says:

    Stan, these pics are so exciting! To think that you were right there for the total. We had a measly 85%. We had the appropriate glasses & could just manage to see it as it was quite cloudy at 10 A.M. at the Marché in Puyricard.(our little town-10 min.from Aix)
    Where can I get that T-shirt for our grandchildren?

    Best regards, Deanna & Gilles

  3. Richard says:

    You Stan, great pic!

    I especially like the boat in the background. Nice.

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