SHAPE Gallery reception

May 20, 2018

Thanks to everyone at the SHAPE Gallery in Shippensburg, PA and Ann for a successful reception on April 6. Just getting around to posting photos of the evening. The exhibit looked great, it was hung nicely with really good lighting, thanks to Kurt. All at the gallery worked hard to put on this show, glad we were able to make it happen. There were 30 pictures in all, most of them the night sky photos and four space shuttle images, by request of the gallery. I think five sold, the rest are still available. If you are ever in central Pennsylvania, check the gallery out.

The SHAPE Gallery

Nice front window display.

Ann took a photo of me in the interior room.

Main gallery.

Interior room and main gallery.

Great lighting by Kurt.

Thanks to everyone that came to the reception.

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  1. David Balderston says:

    In one Shippenburg photo, off to your right is a bold B&W photo of a burst of something, with jagged points as in an explosion. What is that? It’s a terrific photo!

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