At the Grand Canyon

October 16, 2011

We’re finally here, at the Grand Canyon. Drove in Saturday just after sunset to the South Rim Village and found Verkamp’s Visitor Center and Museum store, which has the artist-in-residence quarters and studio space on the 2nd floor.  It’s an amazing 2 bedroom apartment/studio;  Ann and I are the only occupants now. It’s very nice with a roomy living room and nice main bedroom. There is a large studio where the artist can work. The kitchen has all the utensils, so we eat there. A ‘deck’, basically the roof of the downstairs, is off the north side of the living room. We have an amazing view of the canyon, and both sunsets and sunrises. We missed the sunset last night but saw the orange glow in the west and stars brighten overhead. I went out later to see the Space Station fly over and the moon rise.

Upon arriving we saw a great note left for us by the previous occupant, Jane Verkamp Pritchett. She is a descendent of John Verkamp, who built the store in 1905 and whose family operated it until 2008; she is doing a family history.

Jane writes, “Welcome to Verkamp’s! This was my childhood home and where I first discovered the stars. My Uncle Putt put a telescope on the roof above your head and focused in on Saturn. It changed an illustration in a science book to a real planet. I’ve been fascinated ever since!”

We woke before sunrise today and saw the canyon from the deck, the sun slowly lighting up the canyon formations. Pretty much have canyon views from all the windows, but still went exploring on the Rim Trail today.

(Click on photo to make larger)

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