Arrived in Madras

August 18, 2017

Great design on the Madras town sign. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

For those wondering where Ann and I are viewing the eclipse, we have arrived in Madras, Oregon, apparently the center of the total eclipse universe for Central Oregon. We’ll be helping out at the Lowell Observatory Eclipse Experience at the high school over the weekend. First we needed to obtain the essentials, such as a hat, nicely designed postcards and the eclipse rock—all purchased at the Black Bear Diner. Two T-shirts completed our set of souvenirs, those purchased at Antlered Teepee Espresso. (See photos below.) Various estimates say 100,000 people will descend on this area. Madras is a town of just over 6,000, mostly agriculture. The diner had very nice eclipse-themed menus, and the waitress gave us copies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We saw lots of signs welcoming eclipse watchers on street lights and storefronts.

Black Bear Diner menus, collect them all.

Official Eclipse Rock, a must-have.

Stan is set for the total eclipse with hat, T-shirt, postcards and Official Rock.




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  1. I envy you, Stan, set to see the total eclipse! I experienced one at Virginia Beach, Virginia in the ’70s and will never forget it. Your advice about using your own eyes is excellent … and don’t forget to look away from the sky as other lighting effects will be in play! Good luck with the weather and thanks for sharing. By the way… excellent souvenirs!!

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