June 26, 2015

Rush Dudley snapped this of us before my Thursday evening talk.

Rush Dudley snapped this of us before my Thursday evening talk. (Click on iimges to enlarge)

It’s been a busy few days, so I haven’t posted anything. Ann arrived Wednesday and it’s been great to have her at the cabin. I drove to Flagstaff to pick her up at the airport and we got back to the North Rim about 7 pm. It’s been heating up in northern Arizona, at Navajo Bridge, the only car crossing over the Colorado River it was 102. Just before the entrance station to the North Rim I came across a heard of buffalo crossing the road. A lucky visitor had driven his motor home into a pull-off and about 100 feet away the buffalo crossed. A few stragglers didn’t want to leave the road and gave me enough time to take some photos.

Bison crossing the entrance road.

Bison crossing the entrance road.

I did the third and final artist talk on Thursday night at the Grand Canyon Lodge. It was nice to have Ann there and Rush came along too. There was a good crowd and quite a few questions afterwards. We ate at the Lodge restaurant with a view of the canyon and the sunset.

Earlier in the day Ann and I walked the Transept Trail and she was able to see the remarkable views and the ponderosa trees along the way. At the visitor center we bought post cards and sent them from the North Rim Post Office, a nice way to send messages to people.

Smoky Canyon, Thursday night.

Smoky Canyon, Thursday night.

Back to work Thursday night, Rush and I went out to a viewpoint below the lodge. There is a fire north of the rim and a prescribed burn nearby, so there was lots of haze and even smoke in the canyon. So the horizon was a white color and because the moon was so bright, the smoke was seen between the formations. Not so great for the night sky pictures But some interesting effects. I went farther down the Bright Angel Point for other views and ended up doing more plant images. The “smoky canyon” shot is so weird I think I like it.

Sunset at the Lodge.

Sunset at the Lodge.

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  1. Ken Spencer says:

    Love the shot of you and Ann! She looks as if she belongs at the canyon as much as you do! I am loving the Smoky Canyon shot – that seems so unusual both with the smoke and the fact that it was shot late enough to show the stars.

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